Jamaica Cottage Shop: Beautifully Crafted Cottage Designs

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Humble Handcraft believes in full circle sustainability. Located in Ventura, California these cabin buildings are built using salvaged re-claimed materials and solar energy, providing a high-quality home while minimizing their carbon footprint. Each cabin building is different from the last with building materials that change based on both availability and budget. Each of the cabin buildings has a rustic feel with reclaimed wood used as much as possible. Any new lumber used on these tiny cabin designs is harvested sustainably, so not to contribute to deforestation. Humble Handcraft tiny homes are built using solar energy, and they can build anywhere without needing access to grid power. Another benefit of a tiny cabin design from Humble Handcraft is that they use clean insulation. Clean insulation is provided with rock and sheep wool insulation which is much more sustainable and has higher R-value than fiberglass. Clean insulation has low toxicity and no off-gassing. 

All of the finishes in the Humble Handcraft tiny homes are natural. They use a sap-based epoxy to finish the softer woods on countertops and tables and finish the harder woods with products such as hemp shield. Each of their tiny cabin designs uses green appliances. Wood burning stoves provide sustainable heating options as you can harvest your fuel. A wood stove does not draw on precious resources when off-grid and is a nice dry heat for dehumidification in wet climates. Humble Handcraft offers the most innovative, high-end solar systems that are available to the public, which makes them a great choice for off-grid living. Their off-grid systems are safely built, and easy to learn. Another of the green appliances options is an alcohol stove and oven. These stoves are the cleanest burning fuel on the market and were designed for around the world sailing voyages, making them safe for small spaces. The alcohol stove and oven do not need to be vented, which creates more storage space. Other green features include the low voltage fridge and lighting. The fridges used in these green buildings do not need to be inverted and runs directly off solar current. The lighting is LED and draws practically nothing. Energy saving windows that are tempered, and have double pane glass to ensure efficient use of heating and cooling appliances. The following are a few of the eco buildings you that are available from Humble Handcraft. 

Piedra Blanca cabin building was built as a shell and can also be built and custom outfitted on a trailer. The exterior of this beautifully crafted wood cabin is reclaimed cedar shingles, a reclaimed cedar shingled roof, and custom locally made stained glass by Ron Voght. The Piedra Blanca has a reclaimed cedar and handmade redwood door, Sierra Pacific double pane, tempered glass windows for maximum heating and cooling efficiency and reclaimed cedar trim.

El Toro tiny cabin on wheels. The El Toro is a beautifully crafted tiny house like no other. The tiny house on wheels is 28 feet long by 8.5 feet wide and 13.5 feet high ceilings; this tiny home has a wood cabin feel. The exterior uses the Japanese technique of Shou Sugi Ban applied to the upper reclaimed redwood exterior, with reclaimed cedar shingling for the lower exterior and a standing seam metal roof. The tiny house on wheels has low voltage LED strips and recessed bulbs, a utility closet housing tankless water heater, backup generator, water softener, electrical inlet, solar inlet, and more. The El Toro has aluminum clad Sierra Pacific windows with Douglas Fir interior; custom reclaimed redwood door with custom stained glass window. The interior uses reclaimed cedar for the lower interior panelling, skim stone walls, old growth redwood slab tops for all surfaces and all interior trim finished with reclaimed, vertical grain clear heart redwood. The ceiling uses reclaimed redwood wine barrel. Other interior features include reclaimed cedar clad cabinetry, an L-couch with under storage, old growth redwood slab table that drops down to make the full bed and an entertainment totem built into the back of stairs. The floors are twice reclaimed bamboo. The bathroom flooring is a river stone with a walk-in full waterfall shower and bathroom sink with a reclaimed live edge slab table.

The Chief's Peak is another of the artisan tiny houses on wheels available with Humble Handcraft. This tiny house design is 20 feet long, 8.5 feet wide and 12 feet high. The majority of windows in this design are custom made in their wood shop using all clear heart, old growth redwood. The glass in the custom windows is dual-paned and solar tinted for maximum energy efficiency, and the windowsills and jambs are custom milled from old growth redwood. The front door has a stained glass window by local artist, Ron Vogt, and the backdoor has stained glass hand blown in Indiana. Other details include a shower pan custom made by Bay City Fabrication in Ventura, California, exterior panelling of redwood board-and-batten style siding, and all exterior materials finished with hemp shield. The roof for this tiny house design is stainless steel screwed cedar shake. The interior panelling is a collection of various types of old growth wood to include redwood, pine and cedar, with all-natural finishes. The clean insulation is sheep wool from Oregon Shepherd.

These are just a few of the artisan tiny house designs available from Humble Handcraft. Words don't do these beautifully crafted tiny house creations justice: you'll want to take a look for yourself and see all the attention to detail in each build.