Humble Handcraft: Eco-Conscious Tiny Building Design

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Amazing tiny house builders, Jamaica Cottage Shop are located in South Londonderry, Vermont. These tiny house builders have been building quality post and beam garden buildings to include tool sheds, cottages, and wood sheds since 1995. The wood cabins are beautifully crafted out of local building materials, sustainably harvested rough sawn lumber that helps to ensure you receive a product that surpasses building standards. They are the premier builders of quality post and beam garden cabin buildings to include cottages, tool sheds, and wood sheds. These quality cabins are built by Vermont tradesmen, with each structure crafted with a personality all its own. Their garden sheds and storage sheds look good wherever they go, with plenty of aesthetically pleasing designs to enhance any landscape. With so many wood cabins to choose from you'll have trouble picking just one. Jamaica Cottage Shop has expanded their product line over the years and developed their cottage sheds to include the current pre-cut post and beam wood cabin kits. Jamaica Cottage Shop produces some of the best wood shed kits and cottages you will find, and they ship all of their kits such as their prefab storage sheds, prefab cottage kits, wood shed kits and more, all over the United States Canada. The following are just some of the wood cabins kits available from Jamaica Cottage Shop. 

The 20x40 foot Vermont Cabin Building. This 800 square foot cabin is a Vermont post and beam in an elegant, versatile style built with good sized eight by eight mortise and tenon joinery. This beautiful wood cabin combines functionality, and durability making it one of Jamaica Cottage Shops most popular designs by far. This wood cabin design features an open floor plan and comes standard with four windows. You have several options to choose for the window placement in the cabin building, and you can also add additional windows to maximize the natural light in this space. You can customize the Vermont Cabin to best suit your lifestyle and needs. You have the option of upgrading from a ladder to a staircase to make reaching your full-size loft that much easier. The full-size loft practically doubles the square footage of the Vermont Cabin floor space, giving your more space and storage potential.

The Smithhaven cabin kit is another you will be sure to love. The Smithaven cabin kit is an excellent choice for use as an artist studio, workshop, backyard office or stylish garden or storage shed. The extra barn sash and transom windows on the wood cabin offer lots of natural light while the dormer adds some extra headroom to the design. If you are looking for a wood cabin that can be used year-round, there are several options to help customize your cabin building to fit all your needs.

16X Barn. This beautifully crafted and versatile Vermont Post and Beam is another option for the extra space you need. The 16X Barn wood cabin design features six-foot JCS-built double doors that are large enough to fit all sorts of things from your snowmobile, ATV, riding mower, snow blower, lawn furniture, and more. The cabin building can be used as a garage since the floor system in the 16X Barn can handle a small to mid-size car or tractor. The open floor plan makes for great workshop space, or the Barn can be split up and used as a cabin building. This cabin building kit includes an 8x16 storage loft.

10x16 Harvester Cabin Building. This simple Vermont Post and Beam cabin building is a tall classic gable wood cabin that makes the most of its 160 square footage. Inside you will find a classic exterior that is aesthetically pleasing and opens up into a generous tall refreshing space. The loft has a window to let in some natural light. This cabin building design is perfect for a backyard haven, hunting/fishing cabin, bunkhouse, roadside stand, or as a garden shed. And if you want to use the cabin building throughout the year, you can add an insulation package and a wood stove to help create a four-season cottage, tiny house design, or guest house.

Jamaica Cottage Shop has an impressive selection of tiny cabin designs with something to suit most every budget and need. Some of the wood cabins available include tiny cabin designs, tiny houses on wheels, offices, studios, barns and workshops. Also available are potting sheds, playhouses, utility sheds, storage sheds, equipment storage and so much more. These easy to assemble wood cabin kits were developed with the beginner in mind. Jamaica Cottage has a 70,000 square foot factory that allows all of their products to be built indoors. Everything that you need to construct a post and beam cabin building shell is included in the wood cabin kit. Each piece of lumber is marked with a color-coded sticker, and phone support is available for assembly guidance if needed. Jamaica Cottage Shop offers free shipping for wood cabin kits in the Continental United States and some parts of Canada. Jamaica Cottage Shop has a variety of designs available for all of your small house living needs.