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Beautiful 78 qr. Ft. Tiny House for Sale ~ Good Vibes Only ~

Alabama, USA


Tiny House
1 Bed
1 Bathroom
78 sq.ft
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Anya G


About the house


I purchased her in 2017 and lived in "Zero" ever since. I created a website with all the information and added a porch most recently. I updated the entire layout since I got her in 2017. Please see the information below and the link to the house. Please let me know how selling works when working with your company.

This new beauty can be your first tiny home at around 1700 pounds. Looking for sustainable living? Have any adult kids that you need to supply housing for? This model has all the upgrades possible.Features:

~ Measurement is 6.5 x 12 and is approximately 200 sq feet.
~ The two benches seat 6 that can convert to a full-size bed for plenty of leg room
~ Studio Style/Bungalow style
~ Off Grid (does not come with a solar panel)
~ Compact with the conveniences of home.
~ Portable waste tank
~ Air conditioner with cover
~ A place for a propane tank.
~ Easily towed with most any vehicle
~ Heavy duty wide track running gear with 15-inch tires
~ Seating converts into queen sized bed
~ Welded construction
~ Apex height rear entry door with screen
~ Laminated aluminum exterior walls for a lightweight construction
~ Wooden cabinets
~ Refrigerator and Microwave
~ Full stand up shower
~ 1 Full-size Closet (upgrade)
~ 1 Tongue mounted locking storage locker under the updated fridge.
~ Self-contained compost toilet (never used brand new)
~ Hooks up to all RV parks (i.e. sewage and electricity)

Website: https://2019sales.wixsite.com/mysite

I look forward to answering any questions about this awesome tiny house.

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