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AI powered, futuristic Tiny House

Shenzhen, Guangdong, China


Tiny House
1 Bed
1 Bathroom
156 sq.ft
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About the house

Cube One is an entirely prefabricated and furnished Tiny House.
It is designed by a startup from Singapore, made in Shenzhen, China.

- The home is fully prefabricated and furnished. Ready to live after unpacking in plug&live formula. The designed set of furniture maximizes the usage of each inch of space.

- The house is made of steel construction with the usage of top-quality isolation materials. The house meets the requirement for fortification against earthquake at Level-9 intensity and typhoons at Level-12 intensity. Exterior wall material has fire resistance exceeding 2 hours and an inner wall with fire resistance exceeding 1 hour. The sound insulation of exterior walls > 55dB, and that of inner walls > 52-53dB.

- The house is equipped in an AI, voice-control system which enables to control of light, music, temperature, and curtains. Future updates system updates will enable additional functionality.

- Futuristic design, eco-friendly attitude, and innovative approach to construction (100% made in a factory) effected in the creation of the product line, which minimizes the impact on the environment. 90% of the materials used in construction are recyclable, formaldehyde, pollution, and emission-free.

Listed price includes the house with exterior structure; toilet; AI system; lighting; electric wiring system; water piping system; Interior layout storage; Fit-in bedframe; Kitchen&counter area; furniture; shower & 2 sinks.

Optionally we can equip houses in solar panels system, floor heating, home appliances.
The 360' View: https://roundme.com/tour/511751/view/1694721/
The price for a house without furniture: 17 900$

The Door-to-door shipping available worldwide.
Additionally: the last photo shows our upcoming (Jan. 2020) 265 square feet model.