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Luxurious Off Grid Tiny House Bath - $40000 (Show Low Arizona)

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Tiny House
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Thomas Watson


About the house

To see more than just pictures go to the You Tube video link https://youtu.be/Pmwa77FzYBU

Its finally and truly finished
It’s taken a year to build and countless hours of work by master artisans and craftsmen, but we are proud to show you what time, skill and patience can produce in this modern world
Our need to build something that was of an old world handcrafted quality.. unlike anything available in the off grid tiny house community …has yielded both a picturesque work of art and a fully functioning heirloom that will leave anyone who sees it in awe and envy.
There is nothing else like it, it is a one of a kind. It is piece of delightful beautiful art that is built to last for generations.
It is a self contained, off grid, private bath house, hand made from solid Arizona grown pine and moister resistant Washington redwood, solid brass.iron, and beveled glass.
It is portable and could be utilized in any environment that necessitated or needed an off grid self contained luxury private space with hot running water that includes a rain drop shower, extra large soaking bath, and oversized sink basin.
It would make a great accent to your off grid cabin, a wonderful beach house shower, guest bath or a luxurious, quiet private, she shed spa.
Each beam or board was handcrafted, cut, notched, drilled, planed, and sanded all from locally grown pine timbers. Every beam and board was hand fitted and fastened to its permanent place with as many as 20 cuts, notches or borings to fit exactly,, in its final place.
As you can see each piece such as the arched redwood door with beveled glass was artisan made and hand fitted into the custom redwood door jam that uses solid iron, gothic style hinges and door latch.
The outside of the building has many wonderful architectural details ,so many it would take a much longer video to describe each and every item. I will try to point out a few and hopefully you will too while viewing
On the exterior each of the shingles were hand split and fitted from pine logs with an axe, shingle FRO and chisel.
Each is unique in its appearance, with knots, branches and rustic wood grains.
The post and beam framework is made from hand hewn 4x4 pine beams. Each is individual and a wonder to see. They are twisted and curved but masterfully hand worked to fit precisely in its place. Held solidly and forever in place by iron bolts and hardwood pegs.
The board and bat design is made from treated pine with 1 by 2 solid, custom sized, redwood bats and trim, over vapor barrier and insulation..
The artisan designed and hand scrolled fascia boards are of solid pine, from the same log timbre.
The specially built, hand made louvers are water resistant solid redwood to allow sunlight to enter but yield privacy and security. The louvers can be removed simply, if so desired.
The smaller louvers on the gable ends are actually closable vents on the interior to allow fresh air to access or warm air leave the bath house.
The roofing is 30 year tab roofing with continuous metal drip edge and flashing. It is also a double roof with insulation sandwiched between the solid pine interior planks and the sheet decking.
The building rests on substantial redwood and pine 4x6 floor beams over which 1 and ½ inch solid pine floor planks were used.
The rear window is a semi bay window that has it’s own unique small roof with matching architectural scroll work.
The wood stove chimney is double walled with a hand made cap.
The interior of the bath house is a buffet for the eyes, there is so much to see.
The arch door window has brass and beveled glass that leaves a prismatic rainbow on the beautiful inch and a half thick solid pine wood floors.
The floors were rough cut timbers that were cut, fitted, and polished to leave a beautifully rustic look , but super smooth to the touch.
One of the unique features is a fully functioning, plate iron, wood stove. It is not just there looks it works to warm you as you indulge yourself.
It has a large heat shield built into the wall and a metal under plate on a matching raised wood pedestal.
Above the shower tub area is a solid hade made redwood towel and storage area that uses hand wrought iron shelf brackets that doubles as a curtain rod holder
and under the window you can see a redwood seating bench with 4x4 pine legs to match the rest of the interior that was specially made by a local woodworking craftsman.
The galvanized tub is huge!! Plenty of room for you to soak your worries away in a hot bath. There is enough room for you and a friend actually! It 4 foot long, 2 foot wide and 2 foot deep.
The custom built interior matching vanity cabinet is also made of redwood and 4x4 pine. It has spacious storage below and a solid redwood top, in which sets a huge galvanized sink that matches the tub.
The interior walls are totally redwood, a feature only seen in the most exclusive spas. The vertical wainscot is comprised of approximately 3 inch solid redwood in an overlapping patter to add depth and accentuate the beautiful redwood grain patterns
The upper walls are of the same redwood but in a herringbone design that runs parallel with the 4x4s framework.
Each window is encased and trimmed with redwood and has a wide shelf style window sill.
The rustic twisted 4x4 pine roof beams are stained and sealed to match the vaulted ceiling that was made from amazingly grained boards that were sawn from pine logs by our craftsmen.
Solar powered twin 500 lumen lighting accents the wood grains in the vaulted ceilings.
The rain drop shower head is plumbed using solid brass and iron piping, the vintage brass valve for the shower was rescued and refurbished to continue service in this century.
The solar lighting switch and pump switch are accessed on the vanity.
The one of a kind solar unit is separate from the bath house and continues the post and beam framework that is made from hand hewn 4x4 pine beams. Each is individual and a wonder to see. They are twisted and curved but masterfully hand worked to fit precisely in its place. Held solidly and forever in place by iron bolts and hardwood pegs. It also has hand split shingles and 30 year tab roofing
The solar pre heater unit features a coil style pre heater that preheats the water via a 6 position solar collector that can be adjusted to the most desired angle to the sun.
The water in the solar collector has a pre-programmed timer that circulates the pre-heated water back to the 100 gallon supply tank or directly to the propane on demand heater. The timer can be set to cycle 16 times to turn on and 16 times to turn off per day. The collector is roughly 53 inches by 30 inches.
This unit also has an instant on demand propane powered water heater. You can preset the temperature of your water to the desired degree. You do not have to light it. It comes on automatically when water is flowing. The propane heater has an easy to read digital display. It is housed in a lockable sturdy steel cabinet
The unit comes supplied with a portable five gallon propane tank.
The solar electric unit mounted above the solar collector supplies the power for the lighting and the 12 volt, 30 psi water pump and charges the included battery.
This unit has wheels and can be rotated or positioned for maximum solar deflection as needed.
All of the controls can be accessed easily thru the solar collector or by means of two triangle access doors on each side.
The bath house is roughly 12 foot by 8 foot 6, including the porch and about 10 foot 8 tall.
The bath house is now finished after an enjoyable year of building it. We can not estimate how many 100s of man hours it took to build. It would be unfathomable to try and get an accurate amount.
As you can see, It is not a usual run of the mill type building.
It was a chance to take all the care and time in the world to get it right…the way things should be built.
Built with quality and craftsmanship.
We have called it a bath house and a building in this video, but to us it was an artist expression and we are very proud to present it and show some of its fine one of a kind artistic features.

We are now ready to offer this beautiful and definitely one of a kind off grid artisan bath house for sell. You will be the envy of all who see it and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did building it.
We will be using the money to fund our next project which will be another tiny home refurbish, the 1955 Spartan 55 foot home that you saw next to the bath house in the video.
Below you will find our contact info and our website for further information
Rose Watson
Email : Lirinya at live .com
Phone show contact info
P.O. Box 91065