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Small Yet Spacious - Rustic Tiny Home on Wheels Made to Impress

170 Winhall Station Rd, South Londonderry, VT 05155, USA


Tiny House
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About the house

Here is an excellent example of a very simple tiny house design from Jamaica Cottage Shop, an expert cabin builder. The entire house is constructed from the best quality wood using handcrafted building techniques for a rustic cabin look. As you can see, the tiny house exterior can be left as is with the wood grain showing or it can be painted to add some more personality.

One of the tiny houses looks fresh and inviting painted a lovely white while keeping some wood accents in the patio beams and the wood door. Each of the tiny houses with this design also come with an attached porch which makes it really simple to have an outdoor area without having to build something every time the tiny house is moved. The interior isn't completely finished in the photos, but you can imagine just how cute it would look completely furnished. A small bench sofa could fit perfectly in the front, and maybe a small flip up table by the kitchen could fit in as well.

The kitchen is smaller, but a stove or a fridge could possibly fit beside the sink area. It could also use some shelving above the countertops as well to store plates and other dishes. In the central living area, there's also a Dickenson Propane Heater which is a trendy choice for tiny houses on wheels. These little units can heat up a home surprisingly well considering how small they are. This tiny house design also features a loft that's accessed by a ladder and a bathroom at the back of the home. There are a couple of different options for the floor plan, and customers can also change the floor plan to suit their needs.