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Tiny Home That Calls Back to the Nature Living

170 Winhall Station Rd, South Londonderry, VT 05155, USA


Tiny House
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About the house

The Cross Gable Cottage is a unique design because of its interesting roof line. The cross gable roof makes for a beautiful star-shaped roof that is visible on the inside of the cabin that also creates the feeling of more headspace within the cabin. You can see various adaptations of this small cabin design created by Jamaica Cottage Shop where they either leave it to be a rustic wooden cottage or even a very Victorian style cottage with scalloped siding. These designs show that even though you use a certain model for your own cottage or home, you can change up the style to suit your own.

One of the adorable cottages is painted a light grey with white accents and an arched door to give it a very English look. Another one of the cabins is painted black on the exterior with a deep red door for a very dramatic appearance that somehow pops with the forest as a background. Other cabin designs are left with the wood siding with a stain, or a protective coat applied so that the wood will persevere over the years. These small cabin designs can be built on a concrete foundation once they are delivered to the property, or they can also be built on stilts to keep them up off of the ground.

Most of the homes are built in the company's factory and then delivered to be placed on the foundation, or they are built in stages, and then the parts are delivered, and it's re-assembled on site. With so many options that look incredible, it's hard to know which one to choose.