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Start Saving the Planet With Your Own Sustainable Tiny Home

Ojai, CA, USA
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Humble Handcraft


About the house

Simplicity at it's best; the Piedra Blanca shows that you don't have to get too fancy when building a tiny house. The small house design was created by Humble and Handcraft a builder located in Ojai, California. The company prides themselves in using recycled and reclaimed materials. So all of the wood you see on the exterior of this tiny house was reclaimed for a more sustainable build. If they do use new wood, they make sure to only buy it from sustainable sources.

All of their units are also built solar power, and they can build these buildings anywhere, even off-grid because they only use solar power to build them. They can also install solar panels in any of their tiny house projects, and they use sustainable and green appliances in the homes as well. So for heating, this tiny house will have a wood burning fireplace in it. Appliances are all run off of alcohol which is one of the cleanest fuels right now. Using proper insulation and windows in their projects also makes a big difference when it comes to keeping the places warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

You'll also notice cool details like the handcrafted wooden door and the little piece of stained glass in the window above the door. It's touches like this that personalize a home and make it feel unique to the owner. This unit was built as a shell, so the owner was then responsible to finish off the interior themselves. This creates the perfect opportunity to have a hand in building your own small home.