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Fabulous Tiny Home That Saves Environment AND Your Budget

Ojai, CA, USA
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Humble Handcraft


About the house

For many people, a luxury tiny house on wheels is a dream come true, but not in their price range. For those looking for a more affordable option, Humble and Handcraft, a tiny house builder located in Ojai, California, has some great models and ideas. The company uses mainly reclaimed and recycled materials in their building projects. Not only will this make the build more affordable, but it will also help to reduce the use of natural resources. Instead of using new materials, they use materials that can have a second chance.

You can't tell by looking at their tiny house designs that the materials are all reclaimed. They handcraft every aspect of the home, paying attention to every detail and making sure everything works and looks great. On the exterior of the Los Padres model, they used recycled western red cedar for the siding which looks stunning. Cedarwood bought brand new would cost a fortune, but since it's reclaimed that price could be cut in half. They also included a 5 foot by 8-foot front patio made out of cedarwood and aluminum.

Inside, the tiny house is as cozy as can be with a wood burning fireplace that also saves energy and money over time. Since they insulate all of their tiny houses optimally, the heat stays in the home really well too. You will also notice the tile surrounding the wood burning fireplace that adds just a bit of colour and some personality to the interior. It's little personal touches like this that help to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.