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Tiny House Design With Endless Possibilities

170 Winhall Station Rd, South Londonderry, VT 05155, USA


Tiny House
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About the house

A sweet tiny cabin, the Nook Cabin from Jamaica Cottage shop could be the perfect backyard shed, playhouse or guest suite. These small cabin designs can be used for many different purposes, so even if one is built to be used for a specific purpose at the time, that purpose can always change over time. You can see one of the models painted white with a peach coloured door, which could make for a great kid's playhouse or even a craft space.

The other idea is to build the model on a trailer and use it as a tiny house on wheels. The exterior of this home was painted white again, with a sunny yellow on the door. The model also features a small front porch which they also kept for the home on wheels. Most of these smaller units are built in the company's factory and then delivered to the residence to be placed on a foundation. Either a concrete slab foundation or a simple platform foundation will work.

Inside, the tiny house is finished but left bare to be furnished and decorated. Some of them include shelving and storage, while others are just left open for the customer to complete however they like. Adding a convertible sofa would be an excellent option for a guest house while adding a simple desk and chair could be great for a home office space. There is also the option of using these wooden buildings as dry saunas too as you'll see in one of the photos. So really, the possibilities are endless.