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A Little Piece of Paradise

1976 E Chicago Rd, Jonesville, MI, USA
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Tiny House
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260 sq.ft
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About the house

The 10 foot by 26 foot Lodge cabin from Trophy Amish Cabins is a real log cabin built by professional Amish builders. Every detail of this home is finished to perfection, from the log exterior to the interior cabinets and built-in furniture. The small cabin would be a wonderful place to call a home away from home. Outside, the cabin looks just like a log cabin, it comes complete with a handcrafted metal roof and handcrafted windows and doors.

Then, on the inside is more of the same beautiful craftsmanship as you see on the outside. One of the most interesting things about their designs is the way that they use light and dark wood to create a lined pattern in the furniture. You'll see that in the countertop and the bench seating in this log cabin. The cabinets are also all handcrafted and provide lots of storage in the small space. Another really great feature is the raised living room area and the loft above.

The raised living room also contains some secret storage underneath. There are drawers that pull out with lots of storage within them, perfect for a smaller space. On the other side of the wall, there is also another bench for storage and a space to put some hooks to hang coats and other outdoor items. The kitchen is small, but a small fridge, an electric cooktop and a toaster oven could fit well in the space. There's also a bathroom area as well, but all of the fixtures must be installed.