Someone is Lucky Enough to Call This Tiny Victorian House Their Home

Wouldn’t you love to know who was lucky enough to snag this charming Victorian tiny house? The home is at 3 Garden Road in Monroe, Maine and sold for $125,000, which is a great price for such a sweet home. Even though it’s only 424 square feet, the floor plan manages to make the most out of the small space and plus, it’s also set on 4 acres of land which could possibly be developed as time goes on. The home was built in 1986 with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom, made to look like the old classic Victorian homes that were popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s. These are the homes we all admire with the beautiful ornate details that almost look like life-sized dollhouses.

Victorian home design is a style of architecture that mixes and matches many different historical home designs together. Some of the inspiration for the home designs came from the ornate designs of Asia and the Middle East. The Victorian era takes us back to the 19th century approximately between the years of 1837 – 1910, which was the time when Queen Victoria was in power. It was a peaceful time where much was happening in the UK and in the world. When British architects and designers moved to places with British colonies like Canada, the United States, New Zealand and Australia, they brought with them the current Victorian style that was so well loved in their homeland.

We can still see many of these older Victorian homes standing in places all around the world, and they are honoured for their character and quality. But Victorian homes don’t have to be old homes either like this home, newer houses are being built with a Victorian style in mind. This home and others like it will integrate many of the design elements of a classic Victorian home design, with many brackets, scrollwork, spindles, and other ornate items. Much of that detailing you can see here in this newer Victorian style home, especially on the exterior where they’ve added beautiful details like the scalloped siding, the ornate details on the porch railing and, of course, the turret on the front of the house which is seen in a lot of Victorian style homes.

This home is certainly a magical place where you would be able to drift off into a fantasy world. Not only is the house delightful, the property is covered in flowers, fruit trees and even has a large waterfall on Marsh Stream. Imagine how peaceful it is to live in this home. The home enters in from the covered front porch into the main living area where everything is included in the same room. The living room and kitchen share the same space so smaller apartment sized appliances were added to save space. The wooden cabinetry and tiled countertops go nicely with the Victorian theme and provide lots of storage and space to prepare meals. There is also storage above the cabinets, which is nice for items that are out on display or things that aren’t used too often.

The living room area is very cozy and comfortable with a sofa and bookshelves with lots of books. Behind the sofa are the stairs to go up to the upper level and down to the basement. On the upper level is the bedroom area with sloped ceilings and a few cute windows to let the light in. There’s also the bathroom with a nice pedestal sink that looks like a seashell and a stand-up shower as well as a flush toilet. In the basement, there is another little living area with a couch and a small TV with plenty of room for storage.

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