Jason’s Impressive and Affordable 800 Square Foot Barn Home

Bringing some country style into a home can make it feel more cozy and comfortable, but what about creating a home that looks like a barn? If you love all things, country than a barn home might just be the type of home for you. Barns have been built throughout history to serve as a shelter for horses, cows, chickens, pigs and other farm animals. They’re also used as a shelter for farm equipment and tools to protect the expensive machinery from the harsh elements so that it can last as long as possible. Typically, a barn was more of a rustic type of shelter and still is to some extent.There’s just something about barns, and in fact, there are more people than ever who are converting older barns into homes or building brand new homes with a barn style like the one you see here. This an 800 square foot gambrel roof barn style tiny home that belongs to Jason. Jason built this impressive and inexpensive barn home for himself to live in, and he shows us how he did it. From the foundation all the way to getting it all ready to be a livable home.

Jason was finding it hard to find a good rental in Nashville, and so he decided to buy a piece of land to build a nice small home on. Since he’s 6’4″, he didn’t want to live in a tiny house on wheels because they can be really tiny, so he chose to go with a barn style home. That pitch in the roof makes for an expansive ceiling with a lot of livable space. Instead of building one of the barn kits he found online, he went with building his own barn home since most of the kits were only suitable for storage buildings in his area. He used a kit as the base for his home, building it on a proper foundation with 2×6 trusses and 2×4 walls to make it meet all building codes. He also saved a lot of money by building his home , and he paid to have the foundation and framing as well as the drywall installed. But he even did the electrical himself. The results are incredible, and it looks like a really beautiful little home. On the outside, he went with a deep blue color instead of the typical red that a barn would be painted. He complemented this with white trim and a bright yellow door too.

Inside, he created a large living space and then a kitchen with a loft over top to make good use of the interior space. If you didn’t see the outside and only the interior you might think that his home is an upscale condo in the city. He finished it with nice, modern finishes and fixtures including the steel railings in the loft and the nice staircase leading up to it. He also went with all stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, and they are all full sized appliances too, which is nice for daily cooking. The living room is a very comfortable area which has high ceilings above and great windows around, making it feel larger. He also added a small storage loft or shelf on the wall where the front door is to showcase his guitars and amps. Overall, the tiny house is 800 square feet with 16 foot high ceilings. There is one bedroom on the main floor with a closet and laundry as well as the loft where a bed can be placed. The great thing is, he’s only 20 minutes outside of Nashville yet he owns his own home on 2 acres of property, and it only cost him $65,000 to build his home while working full-time. What a great inspiration for those who want to do something like this themselves. Way to go Jason.

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