Haw Creek ADU Tiny Cabin by Nanostead in North Carolina

More people desire to have extra space on their property either to rent out or to enjoy for guests and personal use. This accessory dwelling unit (ADU) called the Haw Creek ADU would be perfect for any use along these lines and more. The tiny home has plenty of windows with a great entrance way that also has a glass pane in it for added light and views. This particular model is shown built in the forest on the banks of a river, including a great deck to sit out on. The deck is made out of pine board and baton siding that comes with a wood treatment that will make it last a lifetime. The home measures 12 feet by 24 feet with a nice 12 foot by 10-foot loft, which makes it a total of 408 square feet in total. It’s a great option for those who have the land to build a tiny house on instead of having a tiny house on wheels which can be quite restrictive in its size. The model you see here has an open floor plan with plenty of handcrafted features including the stairs and storage cubbies. There are even some hidden storage components as well. The living area has nice high ceilings which add to the overall open feel of the tiny house, and they also installed a ceiling fan for air circulation as well. The windows at the ceiling height also provide some extra light for the home as well.

The storage staircase is an incredible and functional piece of furniture which matches the rest of the home very well. There are 7 cabinets in total with 3 very tiny ones which would be great for storing smaller items like keys, dog leashes and other items. The other 4 compartments are larger with one very large one which would be great for storing coats or a vacuum cleaner. The smaller ones would be good for storing shoes. The kitchen area is located under the loft, but since the ceilings in the home were able to be higher, the ceilings in the kitchen were kept high too. It’s a great kitchen with an apartment sized stove and oven a double stainless steel sink, and an apartment sized fridge too. They also fit a small toaster oven on the countertop as well. The kitchen is open to the living room with a sectional sofa in it and a coffee table ottoman. There would also be enough space for a TV as well. In the loft that is reached by climbing up the storage staircase, is the bedroom which has fairly high ceilings thanks to the shed roof. They fit a queen sized bed and a small dresser with enough room for hanging a guitar. The banister was kept minimal with small wood spindles to create an open feel, but they are sturdy and strong enough for safety.

The company also has the Blue ADU tiny house model, which is 384 square feet and was first built in Downtown Asheville. It has a great main floor design with no lofts or upper level, so the ceilings are nice and high all the way through. This one takes about 4 months to build, which is great for people who need their ADU right away. They used timber framing in this build as well but went with the same white pine board and batten siding as the Haw Creek tiny house. In the Blue ADU model, they added a Dutch entry door and windows above it. There’s also a bathroom with tile flooring and a shower. To give you an idea of the price, this one was built for $70,000. Would you enjoy having a tiny house like this in your yard?

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