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Lovely Tiny Home That Speaks Sophistication
This elegant tiny house design is one of a kind. Inside and out, this tiny house on wheels has so many features to love. From the outside, you'll find grey siding with white trim, and Victorian details such as the octagon window, bay window in the front and scalloped shake roof details. Inside this tiny house on wheels, there is one bedroom and one bath in a space that feels much larger than its small footprint. The tiny kitchen has everything you need to make meal prep in style with a farmhouse sink, light grey kitchen cabinets, white countertops, oven, stove, lots of shelving and fridge. The kitchen even has a washing machine for laundry. White shiplap walls, crown moulding, and stairs that lead up to the sleeping loft are other details that further add to the appeal of this stunning tiny house design. The living area sits at the bay window and large windows, which offers views of your surroundings and the high ceilings further lend to the spacious feeling. There are plenty of windows in this tiny house design for lots of natural light. The stairs have storage underneath, and there is also a storage closet on the main floor, so there is lots of space to tuck your things away. The bathroom in this tiny house design doesn't disappoint either with white shiplap walls, a large sink with vanity, and plenty of storage. The best part of this bathroom might be the bathtub that makes the room feel luxurious. The upstairs sleeping loft has enough space for a double bed with windows and tiny shelves on either side of the bed. Not a detail has been missed in this tiny house design from the colors used to the lighting fixtures; this tiny house design is perfect for all your small house living needs. Whether that be for full-time living, vacation living, artist studio or backyard office.
Vernon, British Columbia, Canada
1 bed | 1 bath | 0 sq.ft
1268374860e1e39a4e-af8d-4179-96fe-70b0250fb15b (1).jpg

69,000For Sale

Go Tiny or Start your Own Tiny Airbnb! (NEW LOWER PRICE!)
If you choose to start your own Airbnb side business or go tiny you can't go wrong! This summer alone, the Mio Tiny House has generated over $10,000 in passive income (https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/20363963). This unit would do especially well on a farm or a winery! If you decided to keep it for yourself and go tiny, you will have everything you need to cook, relax, and work all at your fingertips. Either way, the Mio would be the tiny house for you! Thoughtfully designed with the knowledge worker in mind, the Covo Mio is packed with features that make working from home a technological joy. Features such as integrated smart home lighting, heating and security, a sit/stand work desk, built-in 49” monitor and plenty of 2.4 amp USB charging ports ensure that you’ll be able to work with comfortable efficiency. A full working kitchen including a stainless steel cooktop and oven, and plenty of clever storage makes healthy cooking easy. And built in stereo speakers, a seven foot bar top, and our innovative seven foot awning window make entertaining simple and fun. contact email: tedwards@covotinyhouse.com contact phone: 971.319.1912 Upgrades: Kitchen Walnut Butcher Block Counter Tops Stainless Steel Oven Stainless Steel Fridge 10 Gallon Water Heater Washer / Dryer Combo Custom Ceiling Bay Storage LED Light Strips Living Area Custom Built 7' Adjustable Awning Window Walnut Butcher Block Bar Top Adjustable Height Desk with Walnut Butcher Block Top Schlage Z-Wave Smart Door Lock Bluetooth Sound System Amazon Echo Wink Hub for Smart Connectivity 9,000 BTU Mini Split Adjustable TV Mount with 50" TV Adjustable LED Can Lights USB Outlet Plug-ins Outlet Cover Plate with LED Night Lights Premium Vinyl Flooring Bathroom Separate Composting Toilet LED Light Strips Bedroom Sleeps Queen Sized Bed Skylight LED Lights
Portland, OR, USA
2 bed | 1 bath | 330 sq.ft

35,000For Sale

Be the First Owner - Brand New Tiny Home on Wheels
2016 RV Park Model This tiny house has never been lived in. It was used for tiny house road shows. Super cute beach theme. 20'L x 8'W x 13'4"H. Has two loft bedrooms which makes the total sq. footage about 250 sq. ft. of space. All electric; full size shower and toilet; combo A/C and heat unit; built in sofa; lots of storage; flat top stove; ceiling fan; apartment size refrigerator; microwave; 2 x 4 wall construction; 2 x 6 rafters; metal hurricane clips; metal roof; vinyl laminate floors; fully insulated; weighs approx. 9700 lbs. All work performed by licensed contractors. Built to ANSI RV code A119.5. No holding tanks, hooks directly to septic. No owner financing and no rent to own
Batesburg-Leesville, SC, USA
2 bed | 1 bath | 250 sq.ft

For Sale

Simple, Modern, Elegant - Warbler Tiny Home on Wheels
Those looking for a simple tiny house on wheels will love The Warbler, a 24-foot long tiny house from Rewild Tiny Homes. The Warbler is one of the company's most basic tiny house designs with a warm modern cabin feel. The exterior and the interior are both kept really simple with natural wood elements throughout. Multiple windows and skylights bring in a lot of light and create more of a spacious feel within the home too. While the wood flooring and tongue and groove panelling on the walls makes it cozy and comfortable. One of the other notable features of this floor plan is the bedroom on the main floor which is becoming more popular in tiny houses on wheels. There are still the loft spaces which could also be bedrooms, or they could serve as storage areas. Having a room on the main floor of the tiny house is also great for a home office for those who work from home. Or perhaps a kids room if the tiny house is for a family. The tiny house also includes LED lighting throughout for energy savings, and with all of the windows, this home may not even need lighting throughout the daytime. In the kitchen, you'll see a lot of food preparation space as well as a built-in induction cooktop on one of the countertops and a deep stainless steel sink on the other side. All of the cabinets are soft close drawers and cupboards, and they also included space for a mini fridge and an oven. For heating, there are electric wall-mounted electric heaters which keep the space warm even in colder weather. You will also notice the beautifully handcrafted staircase with tons of storage within it. There's even a little hole in one of the doors where a pet can enter through. It's always lovely when people include their pets in the design of their tiny house on wheels. In the bathroom, there is a great small sink and vanity that doesn't take up a lot of space, and, of course, a composting toilet which is very useful for off-grid living situations. Check out all of the photos of the Warbler and see if this simple style suits your taste.
Rewild Homes Ltd. Cobble Hill, British Columbia
Please inquire for the bed | bath | sq.ft

For Sale

Spacious Tiny House With Plenty of Storage Space
Here's a larger tiny house floor plan from Rewild Tiny Homes. The Whiskey Jack is a stylish and modern 28-foot long tiny house on wheels home that brings a modern condo style together with a country cabin feel. The exterior of the home is done with custom milled cedar siding that was then stained to give it a rustic cabin look. The house is also built on a sturdy triple axle trailer which will be fully capable of handling the weight of this larger home. Inside, there is plenty of space for daily use, and the kitchen is one of the many highlights of this tiny house design. They went with light wood cabinets with modern stainless steel door pulls and quartz countertops. There is also a deep stainless steel sink as well as a built-in gas cooktop that would be fabulous to cook on. The glass tile in the kitchen adds to the modern appeal of the home, and the large stainless steel fridge is perfect for holding a good amount of food. There is no oven shown in the photos of the home, but a convection oven could be used for cooking and baking. Beside the kitchen, there is a great storage cabinet that would be great for food storage or storing any other items. Then, above the kitchen is a loft space with ladder access that would be great for a sleeping loft with a mattress. Windows make the loft feel more spacious thanks to the views and light they provide. There is also another loft of the opposite end of the home as well which would be best suited for storage or a smaller sleeping loft. The bathroom is tucked under the second loft and includes a great vanity with a large sink and a combo washer and dryer unit. This bathroom also has a composting toilet and a shower making a full bathroom. The centre space in the home would be the ideal place to set up a small sofa and a table with chairs for dining. There are so many ways the space could be set up to function well for the owners. How would you set up this space?
Rewild Homes Ltd. Cobble Hill, British Columbia
Please inquire for the bed | bath | sq.ft

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Extra Wide Tiny Home on Wheels For a Roomy Feeling
The Ptarmigan is another beautiful tiny house design created by Rewild Tiny Homes. This one is a little bit different than their other tiny houses on wheels in that it is 12 feet wide instead of the typical 8.5 feet wide that you'll usually find with tiny houses built on trailers. That width requirement is to make transporting easier for those who wish to travel with their tiny house more. However, if someone doesn't need to travel with their tiny house, and it remains parked, it can be a bit wider affording more space to work within the floor plan. This is a single level tiny home with no lofts, but because of the extra width, they didn't need to build lofts. The trailer the home is built on is a custom trailer has a capacity of 14,000 pounds, and it was built to measure 12 feet wide. It's noticeable how much space this extended width gives in the interior. It's not such a narrow space and so regular furniture and appliances would fit just fine. A home on wheels this size would be great for someone just starting out on a piece of land while a larger home is being built. Then, once the home is ready to live in, the tiny house can be moved to a different location on the land and used for other purposes. Inside the home, there are some other great features such as the custom birch cabinetry and the handcrafted finishes. The kitchen also has room for a combination washer and dryer, and there is tons of counter space to prepare meals. The bedroom includes a custom closet and a built-in end table with enough room for a queen sized bed. The tiny house has an ensuite bathroom with a flush toilet and an electric water heater tank. There are also safety handles in the bathroom for those who need them which shows that this could make an excellent home for an ageing parent or loved one. This tiny house design breaks the mould of what a tiny house on wheels can be which caters to a lot more people's needs and desires.
Rewild Homes Ltd. Cobble Hill, British Columbia
Please inquire for the bed | bath | sq.ft

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A Perfect Off Grid Tiny Home
When you're considering living an off-grid lifestyle, there are many things to get in order including your home set up. The Blue Heron tiny house design from Rewild Tiny Homes is an excellent example of a home that has many off-grid features. From the outside, this home looks like a typical tiny house on wheels, but inside there are so many great features which make it the perfect choice for those who want to live a sustainable off-grid life. They included propane appliances, a wood burning stove and a composting toilet. The home is built on a custom 24-foot double-axle trailer with a 14,000-pound capacity. The exterior is done in wood siding that has been painted a beautiful blue with wood trim accents and a metal roof. Inside, they continued with the wood panelling and this time painted it a lovely light grey to create some warmth without getting too dark. The flooring also has a slight grey tint to it, and all of the accessories have grey in them too. The ceiling above is also finished with wood tongue and groove panelling, but they left it natural with some stain and sealant on it for a dramatic effect. Also up at the ceiling, there is some beautiful fir beam work which makes the tiny house feel like a lodge. Plus, the skylights add so much to the home as well. More handcrafted work is included in the floor plan with the custom built staircase with storage in it. These come in so handy especially in a tiny house where every square inch must be used effectively. The kitchen features soft-closing cabinetry and a double sink which is rare to see in a tiny house design. The counters are all quartz which is an excellent choice for style and durability. In the bathroom, there is a full custom closet as well as a Precision Temp RV-550 NSP propane water heater. They also included a Separett composting toilet and a combination washer and dryer unit too. The entire unit can be solar powered with their optional solar panel and battery package. A home like this would make off-grid life pretty amazing, to say the least.
Rewild Homes Ltd. Cobble Hill, British Columbia
Please inquire for the bed | bath | sq.ft

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Full Comfort Tiny House With Marvelous Bathroom
The Kestrel 24 foot tiny house on wheels from Rewild Tiny Homes makes small house living so comfortable. With this tiny house, there is no need to sacrifice style and comfort when downsizing. The Kestrel has so much to love about it including the incredible bathroom. The home is built on a custom trailer like each of their homes is which makes it easy to tow and move around. The design for this small home shows just how much storage space can be fit into a more modest floor plan too. Inside the house, there are custom floor to ceiling storage cabinets which would be great for clothing storage or a pantry. Then in the kitchen, there are more cabinets and drawers which is so essential for a small house kitchen. The builders also created a nice built-in bench seat in the living room area which is an excellent alternative to a sofa because it fits perfectly in the space. The kitchen also features butcher block countertops and a double sink with a built-in gas range for cooking. They also included a large fridge for food storage as well. Throughout the home, there are also some nice large awning windows which make for unobstructed views. There is also a skylight up in the sleeping loft which is great for allowing in more light and views. The flooring is all real solid hardwood, and they included fir trim and birch cabinetry. The staircase is also handcrafted out of wood, and it's full of even more storage with soft-closing doors and a washer and dryer combo unit to make laundry easier. The bathroom is the highlight of the entire home, and it features some gorgeous tile work surrounding a large bathtub. There are also two large windows around the bath for beautiful views while soaking in the tub or taking a shower. The tile floor compliments the bathroom, and there is a custom vanity and sink with a granite countertop. As usual, they added a composting toilet from Separett and an on-demand water heater. This certainly feels like an upscale condo on the go.
Rewild Homes Ltd. Cobble Hill, British Columbia
Please inquire for the bed | bath | sq.ft

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On-Grid or Off-Grid Lifestyle? This Stylish Tiny Home Adapts to Your Needs
A modern tiny house design with some natural details, The Fox Sparrow is a gorgeously sleek and stylish space with so much to love. This particular tiny house was designed for entertaining with some awesome opening casement windows and a live-edge countertop. Having this type of set up would be great for perfect for entertaining in the summertime. The home was built on a custom 24-foot long double-axle trailer with a capacity of 14,000 pounds. The exterior is clad in beautiful solid cedar wood siding from Vancouver Island which is close to where these tiny houses are built making it a sustainable option. They also used non-off gassing stains for their wood finishes to keep the home a healthy environment. Rewild Tiny Homes does offer off-grid possibilities, but this home has a 50 amp electrical service so it can be on the grid. The kitchen looks like the perfect place to cook up a meal for a few friends and features a 7.2 cubic foot stainless steel fridge and a 4-burner propane cooktop. The countertops are walnut wood, and the sink is a beautiful black granite sink with a farmhouse style faucet. Close to the kitchen is the bathroom with a sliding door with frosted windows allowing for more natural light. There is a nice vanity and sink in the bathroom along with a flush toilet and a large shower. They also have the option for a composting toilet depending on the needs of the individual. Other highlights of the home include a custom seating bench in the living room with storage and a custom staircase with storage in it as well. For heating, they have a Propane Dickenson heater, and there is also an external accessory propane BBQ tether. Up above, there is a large sleeping loft with hardwood flooring and a smaller loft that could serve as a storage space for the home. The shed roof and the skylight in the bedroom provides some more headroom in the loft and some more light which is always lovely. Plus, it would be pretty awesome to be able to star-gaze on a clear night.
Rewild Homes Ltd. Cobble Hill, British Columbia
Please inquire for the bed | bath | sq.ft

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